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Invaders from Mars 4At Halloween time we tend to focus on monsters like Frankenstein, Dracula, or the Wolfman – but what about the sort of horrors that come from other planets? After all, aliens can be gross, slimy and downright mean. If only all aliens were just popping over to say “Hi,” like good ole E.T. But no, they’ve got to cause trouble like the creatures at the center of Tobe Hooper’s 1986 remake Invaders from Mars.

Invaders from Mars 1David Gardner (Hunter Carson) is a simple mop-topped 80’s kid who loves looking up at the stars with his father (Timothy Bottoms). One night, during a meteor shower, David sees a giant alien spacecraft land behind a hill near his house. That morning, his father is acting very strange and has an unusual scar on the back of his neck. Before long, mom (Laraine Newman) is also acting strange and trying to convince David to…

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Review: Lucy

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Director: Luc Besson
Cast: Scarlett Johansson, Min-sik Choi, Amr Waked, Morgan Freeman


An accident gives Lucy the chance to escape a drug deal, when she evolves into a highly intelligent and formidable opponent against her captors.


Ambitious ideas shouldn’t be a bad thing in a world starved of originality. But built upon a ludicrous premise, Lucy failed to immerse the audience in its lacking and hollow execution.

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The Next Three Days(2010)

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A man’s undeterred faith for his wife makes him do the unthinkable.He is just a common man, a teacher in a community college.But this film  depicts how  impossible  a common man can get, when the security and future of his family is under question.Never underestimate the power of a common man it seems..

The film directed by Paul Haggis  and starring Russell Crowe and Elizabeth Banks as John Brennan and Lara Brennan, starts off pretty well.But the initial rush in adrenaline couldn’t  be maintained.A faltered  narrative and  lagging pace keeps us bored for most of the time.And then again  somewhere in between it catches our attention.Thus the film has us entertained in parts.But seriously this film could have been much much better, if a little more care  had been given to its narration.

Russell Crowe seems to be the greatest saving grace of this film.His screen presence is beyond doubt…

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Sierra Kilo Bravo

It’s no secret that we like scary movies, but these days it is harder and harder to find a horror that genuinely makes you go “Hmm that was good” at the end.  We just finished watching Deliver Us From Evil and we both said “Hmm that was good” at the end.   We both like Eric Bana, so that definitely played a part, but the movie was given a believable tone with the lead characters, delivered great atmospherics with the photography, and apart from a couple of jump scares it was an excellent slow burn of creepiness toward the denouement.  The ending did fall back on some standards tropes, but was satisfying nonetheless.

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