“Inside Out” : Finding My Joy

In Between Moderation

Image from www.forbes.com Image from http://www.forbes.com

Sweet emotions is exactly what Disney’s new movie “Inside Out” brought out in me. I took my kids to see “Inside out” in 3D this weekend. To sum up but not give it all away, it is the story of a girl that loses her joy. ( The emotion of Joy as well as other emotions are personified in the movie.) All her childhood memories turn into sadness. As she grows up things in her life change and her happiest memories turn sad.

Through the movie all I could think about was, “Will my children lose their happy childhood memories as they grow older?” “Will I lose my sweet happy babies to melancholy, brooding teenagers devoid of emotion?” Then it happened right there in 3D the tears started to come, then faster then I could wipe them away. I was crying. An adult surrounded by children, in a kids…

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