Alien fanboys, are you ready for isolation?


I must admit that over the last ten years I have been quite disappointed with all titles related to the Alien/Predator world, titles such as: Alien vs Predator, Alien Resurrection, Aliens Infestation, Alien Online, etc. these games were focused on killing, killing and after that even more killing… where is that sense of fear?, that claustrophobic epic environments?, that sensation of being watched and fearing for your life every single second?. They never knew how to adapt those sensations that were so well presented by Sr. Ridley Scott and David Cameron on the movies, but that was until now, here is Alien: Isolation.

This title developed by The Creative Assembly and published by SEGA put us in the skin of Amanda Ripley who is searching for her disappeared mother, the well-known Ellen Ripley (the main protagonist of Alien Franchise), during her desperate search she is transferred to the space…

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