Things Avengers:Age of Ultron got wrong!!

Nerd Bud

This contains spoiler!! After watching AoU four times, I can gladly say that the movie is Spectacular. And it gets better every time you watch it. Fan had such humongous expectations from the movie, usually that can be bad for the movie. Remember, The Dark Knight Rises?? But AoU takes that weight of expectations and flies with it over the finish line.


I know there are people who are criticising Joss Whedon and the movie, but they are just some uptight snobs who probably never picked up a comic or watched a cartoon in there lifetime. Go watch ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ again, losers!!! AoU is a movie made for the comic nerds, by a comic nerd. And its Awesome. I won’t say that it is perfect, it’s not. I won’t say that it’s the best superhero movie, it’s not. But it will still find a place in the top bracket…

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